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The Indigenous Paleolithic Database of the Americas

The Indigenous Paleolithic Database of the Americas is a database of the Pleistocene age archaeology
sites in North and South America that date to earlier than 11,000 years before present. All sites listed
have been discussed in peer-reviewed academic publications. This database and associated evidence
reclaim Indigenous peoples’ links to the land, supporting a much earlier (than previously accepted by
many American and Canadian archaeologists) initial habitation date for Indigenous people in North and
South America. Historically, Western archaeologists have created the Indigenous past of the Americas
through a colonized Western view. TIPDBA decolonizes this narrative by reclaiming over one hundred
thousand years of history previously denied by these archaeologists. The Paleolithic or
Old Stone Age are terms commonly used to discuss Pleistocene age archaeology sites in the Eastern
Hemisphere (Africa, Europe, Middle East, Asia). The Paleolithic was divided into three timeframes,
beginning with the earliest stone tools. The Lower Paleolithic 3.3 Ma-300 Ka, Middle Paleolithic 300-45
ka, Upper Paleolithic 50 - 10 Ka. This research was supported by a Canada SHHRC CRC Tier II Indigenous History Healing and Reconciliation Grant CRC-2018-00266.

The Western Hemisphere



Paleo Site Data

Each database contains a collection of Pleistocene archeological sites in North and South America and their respective ages.

North America Archaeology Sites Database

South America Archaeology Sites Database


How to Cite?

To cite this web page, the TIPDBA, maps, and page discussion, please cite TIPDBA.CA 

Steeves, Paulette. The Indigenous Pleistocene Database of the Americas, 2020, Accessed 2021/0/11

How to submit an archaeology site or data?

If you have data you would like to contribute please send any information on Pleistocene age archaeology sites in the Americas, oral histories, or associated data to Paulette Steeves at the email below. Also, we would appreciate citations and latitude longitude of site areas where appropriate. Please send data to 

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